Sunday, April 03, 2011

Really Back to It

La Plaza Cultural (photograph by Kate Harvie)
La Plaza Cultural (photograph by Kate Harvie)
So it's been some time since I wrote here and I'm celebrating today's completion of a journal (more than two years worth of musings), introduction by two friends of excellent things (details below here), and the commitment to my mantra, Pleasure and Purpose.

I can't and won't guarantee that I'll write every day and what I will write will be everything and anything meaningful, entertaining, and informative.

You can decide which is which to you and, as always, I encourage you to share any feedback here.

One of the amazing things about living in New York City is the undiscovered local gems that we encounter on our own and through the observation and great taste of others.

A friend did me a solid earlier today by introducing me to The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory with a line out the door and the purveyor of the most amazing ice cream I've tasted since gelato at some trattoria way back when. We ordered shakes and he had his favorite (Red Bean) and I got one that was peanut butter and sesame. Remarkable taste and texture, and sitting in the park while we sipped and talked helped to make today beautiful and fun. Thanks, JMM.

Ryan Martin is an exceptional writer and his blog is an introduction to intimate and exceptional ways to look at life. Whatever frustrations I have, whatever disappointments (and we all have several of each from time to time), what Ryan's doing is so much more than promoting the notion that good things come to those who wait. He's making clear that while we're bringing our dreams to reality, there are many great things we can appreciate and adore. Have at it, Ryan. You're a badass.

Lastly, my two favorite parks on the seven mile island are Tudor City Park and La Plaza. I discovered La Plaza a few years ago and have had the blessing of being there when the sun is shining and at night. I was there yesterday and that's where I snapped these pictures. They speak for themselves and the corner of 9th Street and Avenue C must be experienced to be believed. A community garden, a place of peace, the location of (to my knowledge) the only willow trees in NYC, and a mellow and beautiful area. Get there. As we're in the dawn of spring, as the leaves return to the trees and beautiful flowers are planted, there is no better place to sit, to sip, and to watch.

Fashion is affected by celebrities, design muses, the economy, and a range of other things. Fashables is a web series that has smart, genuine people, who are healthy and not celebs or models, weighing in on and photographing themselves wearing the latest trends. Always with respect, passion, and honesty, Fashables is one to watch and read.

Have a beautiful day. Support local businesses.

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