Monday, February 06, 2012

Inspiration Is Present...Always

Portland, OR 04/06/07
(photograph by Kate Harvie) 
2012. Even the number looks good. 

People talk about their resolutions for the new year. And this year needs to be about revolutions.  Your revolutions. Your business's revolutions. Your friends', colleagues', lovers', family's. 

How on earth does one find the courage - and inspiration - to revolutionize life? 

I can't speak for everyone and what follows here is my Q&D (quick and dirty) of who inspires me. While I'll describe each one briefly here, I hope that you will take the hyperlink path to each one's lustrous and luxurious combination of the heart and the head.

Author of The Fire Starter Sessions, speaker of White Hot Truth (which should be trademarked) icon, no bs talking, motivator, truth teller in the most believable and trusting voice, straight up badass.

Author of The Art of Non-Conformity, creator of Six Ways to Change the World, provider of some of the most generous and informative material for new businesses, expert on world domination (and that is not exaggerated).
Singer, composer, lyricist, leader on stage like few performers today, absolutely eclectic and deeply talented, one of the best artists I have seen in the last five years, someone who has you hear and feel. Concert side note: happily, blessedly I will see him (and Taylor McFerrin) perform for the fourth and fifth times on 02/10 and 02/11.  
Author of Laugh Your Way to Grace, stand up comedienne who is laugh your ass off funny, preacher at Madison Avenue Baptist Church, attorney, teacher of this truth: the armor we wear is a living, breathing force. 

Check out each of these righteous and inspiring people. I'll be listing more remarkable folks throughout this year.

In the words of a sign I saw on a wall in Tribeca during the summer of 2008, Today is the Day.