Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It's Happening - beauty & art in clothing & jewelry

The entrepreneurial spirit is something to admire and support. When you witness it in others, it is an opportunity to learn and to retail therapize (not a word and if Webster's is any indication it will become one).

The Italian Collection is indeed one of these. Myriam Altieri and Douglas Haslinger have put together a remarkable clothing and accessories collection. Speaking for and representing Italian artisans, TIC has the exclusive on some of the finest pieces I've ever seen. This is luxury and fashion, writ large.

Pieces are exquisitely designed, constructed by hand, and made of the finest possible materials. Investment gear, if you will, and the kind of dresses, hats, bags, and coats that will ensure someone's personal style while being timeless.

The Ornella gold cuff bracelet is a wearable, classic piece that's completely on trend.

Currently, Milan is where every single piece is created. And you don't need to watch "The Rachel Zoe Project" to know that Milan is the hub of fashion. Every piece is guaranteed (who made it, where it was made, what materials were used).

Think of The Italian Collection as the slow food movement of fashion.

Everyone who knows me knows that I respond intensely to handmade jewelry. LIH Designs is a favorite creator and provider of such pieces. Leslie Halloran finds beads from around the world, designs and construct necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that speak to geography, tradition, art, and unexpected beauty.

Necklaces are available in eight collections and the look and feel of each stone, bead, and gem will take you somewhere unexpected. We're talking about green garnets, lapis lazulis, vintage moonglow lucites, African vulcanites, and a range of other elements.

This new necklace is in every way a new season with its colors, shape, and texture. These Bohemian wedding beads are molded glass. Made in the Czech Republic, these were constructed in the 1950s and are exported from Africa.

Leslie has included descriptions and explanations of some of the stones and gems she uses. Terrific to know that there is so much more available than emeralds, rubies, and diamonds.

Keeping with my commitment today to small businesses providing the best in style, one of my favorite stores in the boroughs is Life:Curated. Ryan, Sarah, and the team blog like no other retailers with personality, humor, and honesty.

Have a beautiful day. Support local and small businesses.

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myriam135 said...

As more fashion brands succumb to industrialized production methods to meet demand and shareholder expectations, those unique qualities that are inherent in beautifully crafted garments and accessories are becoming increasingly rare. So as I read Kate's articulate blog I became inspired and excited. It underscores the importance of making us aware that artistry in fashion is alive and well, and for those of us who are hungry for new ideas and new perspectives on the art of adornment we welcome Kate's point of view. Bravo!