Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Get your read on, friends

Azalea Garden, Philadelphia, PA 4/18/12
(photograph by Kate Harvie)

Change of seasons always brings an uptick to gym attendance, swimsuit shopping, and that hopeful wait for beach weather. Let's get that sunshine. Stat. Apparently New Yorkers have the lowest Vitamin D in the country due (according to reports) to lack of exposure to the out of doors.

While you're waiting for the transition from t-shirt to tankini and D'Angelo's long awaited album (wait, that's my virtuous patience at play) you need to read these books.

The Fire Starter Sessions by the incomparable Danielle LaPorte

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that Danielle is an icon as far as I'm concerned. I have guru/genius Tim Intagliata to thank for making me aware of Danielle several years ago. She does herself proud with her book of what once was a deeply meaningful workshop for business founders and business dreamers.  

If there is a book out there that teaches you, empowers you to shine your light on the world in the healthiest, truest, and best ways, The Fire Starter Sessions is it. Many thanks, Danielle.

I have been intellectually in love with Chris Guillebeau for years. Upon reading The Art of Non-Conformity I learned that there is a place for those of us who don't fit into categories and who cannot be labeled. The inspiration of his trips around the world and joined by his wisdom to others how to be travel hackers (which means traveling on tickets that are funded by frequent flyer miles) set him apart from people who call themselves business advisers and life coaches.

And now he honors us - those in their nascent stages as business founders and those who have accomplished things - with The $100 Startup. At the first book signing the week of publication (in NYC at Housing Works SoHo on 5/8/12), Chris spoke about freedom and inspiration. And how we all have inherent skills to build something successful. Sign me up for that.

Both of these book you can take intravenously. And I hope very much that you'll check them out. In the meanwhile, be kind to others and be kind to yourself.