Sunday, June 05, 2011

Search for - and Find - Musical Greatness with THESE 3 Tenors

Everyone who knows me appreciates that live music is one of my favorite ways to spend time.

The Broadway and Off-Broadway stages were for some time the locations for the musical theatre wonk in me. And of late, other than "Memphis," these hallowed locations have not been providing what I seek.

What I seek is the tough to find trifecta of exceptional voices, cleverly written lyrics, interesting and beautiful notes.

Blissfully, this trifecta - enhanced by sock you in the gut humor - exists in "3 TENORS...IN SEARCH OF ACT 2," with two upcoming performances on June 21 and 24 (details below this post) at Don't Tell Mama.

"3 TENORS...IN SEARCH OF ACT 2" stars Steven Tharp, Edd Clark, and Bill Brooks

"3 TENORS...IN SEARCH OF ACT 2" brings together joy, laughter, and superior musicianship. While the idea of three tenors began in the 90s and was some of opera's finest singing together, this show is for everyone, not just those who love Puccini, Verdi, and the like.

Exceptionally and enthusiastically reviewed, the show began in 2004 as a heretofore un-combined mingling of opera, pop, operetta, and musical theatre sung by three tenors with different styles and voices. Edd Clark and Paul Stephan wanted to gently and effectively spoof "The Three Tenors." The tenors and music director/arranger Paul wove humor, harmony, and intelligence into the show's premiere run. The show sold out several of its March performances earlier this year. This is my kind way of telling you to arrange your tickets now. [smile]

Seeking and combining the talent and experience of three tenors (Bill Brooks, Edd Clark, and Steven Tharp), with varying experience and expertise, the show launched successfully and later this month, the three tenors are returning to the stage. The merging of opera, Broadway, and cabaret come together in ways that are fun and truly experiential. The show's debut won a Bistro Award in 2005. For those of us unfamiliar with theatrical prizes other than the Tonys, the Bistro Awards recognize some of theatre's and music's signature talents, including this year's honorees Michael Feinstein, Dionne Warwick, and Carol Channing among others.

Sometimes hearing a song that is meaningful and messaged (this is a word that I will find a way into the English language) sparks feelings and emotion. The tenors' performance of "Circle of Friends" did that for me. Dare I say it will do the same for you. If you're feeling the need for humor, no one sings and plays "Just Couldn't Stand it No More" like these gents and Paul.

Secure your tickets now for one or both of the only two performances this month.
9:15pm on Tuesday, June 21 and Friday, June 24
Don't Tell Mama, 343 West 46th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues
$15 cover ($10 for MAC and members of Cabaret Hotline)
Two drink minimum, cash only
Make reservations on 212/757-0788 or Don't Tell Mama's website.

It's officially Spring (though it feels like Summer) and there's no better way to celebrate the much needed change of season than by supporting talent, hearing terrific music, and laughing until your belly hurts far from the mass market scene.